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Moving to NYC

12 Dec

San Francisco is a great city and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.  Time for something different, however.  I am moving to New York City in January.  I will be leaving San Francisco on Thursday afternoon and spending some time traveling between now and January 26th, when I head to NYC.  Good bye SF, it was fun.

Road trip to Texas

16 Nov

Tomorrow morning I am leaving for Texas. When I drove from Texas to San Francisco in January of 2007 I said to myself I would never do it again, but in today’s world I guess never < 2 years. Going to take a bit of scenic route this time. Here is the map. It breaks down as follows:

Day 1: San Francisco, CA to Pismo Beach, CA (via Hwy 1)

Day 2: Pismo Beach, CA to Grand Canyon, AZ

Day 3: Grand Canyon, AZ to Albuquerque, NM

Day 4: Albuquerque, NM to Lubbock, TX

Day 5: Lubbock, TX to Houston, TX

Day 6: Houston, TX to San Antonio, TX

Total trip is 2383 miles. Will try to post some pictures along the way.


California Road Trip

26 Jun

Granted, it’s not a 7000 mile trek on a 1985 Honda motorcycle, but 1081 miles in a semi-comfortable car is long enough for me. Heading out tomorrow, be back in about a week. Hope to see a few friends along the way.

Day 1
Distance Traveled – 270 miles
Driving Time – 6.5 hours
Location – Pismo Beach, CA

Day 2
Distance Traveled – 200 miles
Driving Time – 3 hours
Location – Pasadena, CA

Day 3
Distance Traveled – not very far
Driving Time – not much
Location – Manhattan Beach, CA

Day 4
Distance Traveled – 125 miles
Driving Time – 4 hours (LOTS of traffic)
Location – San Diego, CA

Days 5-6
Location – San Diego, CA

Day 7
Distance Traveled – 500 miles
Driving Time – 9 hours (includes lunch and 2 hours of traffic in LA)
Location – San Francisco, CA

Pictures from La Paz

31 Jan

Here are some pictures I took during the Automattic offsite in La Paz, Mexico.

King of Wii

25 Jan

We had a friendly Wii tennis tourney today. Matt won although I think there may have been some hanging chads involved. As a tribute to his victory, I have included the photo below.

Lovin some Coke

Worst policy…ever

14 Oct

I’m sitting on a plane heading to NYC. In front of me there are 16 empty rows. Behind me there is maybe 1 empty seat. United won’t let anyone move up unless they pay a $54 upgrade. No wonder this airline doesn’t make any money – what a dumb move.


Lesson learned

14 Oct

If you have a middle name, use it when booking air travel. It could save you hassle and a trip to the FBI watch list.

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