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Netflow and Logstash

8 Feb

Today, one of our network engineers, Chris Laffin, published a great post on the Developer Blog about how we use open source tools to analyze netflow data for our ever-growing global anycast network.

iPad Stats Visualization

30 Nov

Evan has a cool post showing some of our internal heat map stats and some interesting points on data visualization.

WordPress Code Repository

25 Apr

WordPress Code

We have decided to consolidate all of the small projects we have released into a single subversion repository. Previously these were spread across multiple domains and not very well publicized. We have setup a Trac instance as well to facilitate bug reports. There are 5 projects currently in the repository all of which we have used or are currently using at Automattic. Some of the projects, like Servermattic, are also being used elsewhere. All of these projects are obviously open source and are released under the GPL. Patches and feedback are welcome! We hope to release more of these soon. Thanks to Nikolay and Demitrious who have both contributed to the projects in the repository.

Pictures from La Paz

31 Jan

Here are some pictures I took during the Automattic offsite in La Paz, Mexico.

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