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Systems Q&A at WordCamp Dev Day

2 Jun

Yesterday we had a session about scaling, servers, and WordPress at the 1st WordPress Developer Day in San Francisco.  We used a P2 blog on which allowed people to ask questions and then Demitrious, Chris, and I answered them.  I went back and posted some follow up answers which means that the site will hopefully serve as a reference to others looking for answers to these questions.

Calling all F1 WordPressers

15 Jun

Any WordPress users at the US Formula One Grand Prix this weekend? If so, I thought it would be neat to meet up and watch either the morning practice session or qualifying tomorrow (Saturday). For the morning practice at 10AM I was thinking about finding a seat in the grandstand at turn 10. For qualifying at 1PM, I think across from the Ferrari pits in the upper section is the place to be. Last year there was some exciting action at the beginning of qualifying. Here is a link to the track map. If you are at the race and are interested in meeting up, please leave a comment and we can rendezvous just before the sessions start. And yes, the picture below is me typing this post at the circuit… I wouldn’t have it any other way.


King of Wii

25 Jan

We had a friendly Wii tennis tourney today. Matt won although I think there may have been some hanging chads involved. As a tribute to his victory, I have included the photo below.

Lovin some Coke

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