Empire State Building Pink and Red for Valentine’s Day

Before I moved to New York, I never realized that the Empire State Building’s lighting scheme changed so frequently. I found the site where they detail the lighting schedule. The wikipedia page also has some good information. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, the lighting today was red, pink, and white. Here’s what it looks like from 33 floors up and across the East River.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

On a side note, looks like it’s time to clean the sensor on the camera…

Author: Barry

To be written by someone famous...

2 thoughts on “Empire State Building Pink and Red for Valentine’s Day”

  1. Thats awesome!nice photo indeed:)are you a photographer?:)love all that kind of lighting that almost always add some Harmony around the place they light:)) New York is a beautiful City. Many Russians there recently:)hope you dont have problem with them:))nice blog man. Well done:)

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