Manhattan Sunset

Finally made it to NYC after getting stuck for 13 hours in the Tuscon airport.  There is nothing like the Manhattan skyline at sunset…


12 responses to “Manhattan Sunset”

  1. I miss the view… It is really spectacular. It’s amazing how when you see it everyday you take it for granted…

  2. Welcome to NYC.
    Do you still work for Automattic?

  3. about time… now i have a place to stay when i visit nyc =)

  4. Great view Bazza, if only you had something to sit on to enjoy it….LOL

  5. Time to take that Virgin Air flight and come out and say hi……


  6. Sure, come on out! I have a HUGE 600 sq ft. apt everyone can stay in 😉

  7. That is gorgeous. Julia and I will wait until our child is born, so we can really enjoy your spacious accomodations.

  8. You just made my wish to go to NYC a billion times BIGGER. Seriously, I need to check out this piece of city life!

  9. are you located in LIC seems pics from them
    I do live there thats my view everyday

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