Amazon AWS Outage

Looks like quite a few (if not all) of the Amazon AWS services are down or performance is significantly degraded this morning. This is the first significant outage since we started using S3 to serve images for Currently we serve about 1500 image requests per second across About 80-100 per second are served through S3; the rest being served from our local caches. When the outage occurred, our systems detected the errors and automatically sent the requests normally bound for S3 to local image servers that we use for backup and failover purposes. The outage is currently going on 2+ hours. I wonder what impact, if any, this will have on AWS. It seems like quite a few folks are using S3 and EC2 as their sole source of computing power and storage. I wonder if these folks will move to more traditional hosting providers where there are formal SLAs, support, etc.

UPDATE: Looks like after about 2.5 hours of downtime, things are starting to come back online over at Amazon.

UPDATE: I guess there is a SLA for S3.

Author: Barry

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