Worst policy…ever

I’m sitting on a plane heading to NYC. In front of me there are 16 empty rows. Behind me there is maybe 1 empty seat. United won’t let anyone move up unless they pay a $54 upgrade. No wonder this airline doesn’t make any money – what a dumb move.


Author: Barry

To be written by someone famous...

9 thoughts on “Worst policy…ever”

  1. Thanks for mailing me, I’m allright now, just putting the pictures and then erasing “miniature” in html. NYC, huh? nice:)

  2. Travel a bit myself (2-3 weeks a month). Avoid United like the plague. Continental, Southwest, KLM, and a couple others work.

  3. dumb and dumber…right? I travel a lot, too. I was born in Chicago but live in Italy. You should send a letter to the airlines along with your photo.

    Susan 😉

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