Worst policy…ever

I’m sitting on a plane heading to NYC. In front of me there are 16 empty rows. Behind me there is maybe 1 empty seat. United won’t let anyone move up unless they pay a $54 upgrade. No wonder this airline doesn’t make any money – what a dumb move.


9 responses to “Worst policy…ever”

  1. Don’t you know you need all the weight at the back… to uh… yeah… did you see that?

  2. OI! It be the Matt ‘Mad Man’ Said. Email me so I have your email dawwwg!!! Want to hear from you…

  3. Thanks for mailing me, I’m allright now, just putting the pictures and then erasing “miniature” in html. NYC, huh? nice:)

  4. Travel a bit myself (2-3 weeks a month). Avoid United like the plague. Continental, Southwest, KLM, and a couple others work.

  5. dumb and dumber…right? I travel a lot, too. I was born in Chicago but live in Italy. You should send a letter to the airlines along with your photo.

    Susan 😉

  6. meaning, your photo of the airplane seating….

  7. I had exactly the same experience, same airline, same destination last week. Nothing has changed in the last 2 years it seems!

  8. does they also charge for peeking outside the window ?

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