Lesson learned

If you have a middle name, use it when booking air travel. It could save you hassle and a trip to the FBI watch list.

7 responses to “Lesson learned”

  1. Sure..apparently if you have a middle name, but don’t use it when booking an airline reservation, your chances to be put on the FBI watchlist increases. What does this mean to you? Well, mostly that you can’t check in using those automated check-in machines and have to wait in line to see a ticket agent so they can ask you some additional questions and clear you from the list.

  2. OK, I get it. You almost had me using my middle name only. “That’s right my name is Denis Budd. Is there a problem officer?”

  3. Haha…you must have been thinking about my *other* post – “How to make sure you get on the FBI watchlist.”

  4. What about those poor unfortunate souls who don’t have a middle name?

  5. if you are ‘poor unfortunate soul’ and don’t have one.. don’t try to use one!! 🙂

  6. Padding your name with a false middle name will almost certainly get you added to the watch list.

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