Goodbye F1, Hello MotoGP

In an announcement that I find very disappointing, Tony George, CEO of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, announced last week that there will not be a US Formula One race in 2008. I have attended the last 6 or so Formula One races in Indianapolis and have thoroughly enjoyed it each year. On the bright side, it looks like I will finally make it to a different F1 race next year and MotoGP will be coming to Indianapolis. Personally, I am not a huge MotoGP fan, but I may check out the race as it looks like pretty cool stuff.

Author: Barry

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye F1, Hello MotoGP”

  1. Yeah you will not be disappointed with MotoGP. It is very exhilarating to watch. You just can’t believe how those guys manage to stay alive 🙂

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