Additional Capacity

So, I haven’t blogged much lately but there is a reason. Over the past month we have been hard at work expanding the infrastructure behind and Akismet. Here are some of the things that we have done over the past month or so:

  • Migrated out of San Diego
  • Brought online almost 100 new servers in 3 new datacenters — Dallas, TX, San Antonio, TX, and San Francisco, CA
  • Tripled the database hardware behind
  • Now serving blogs out of 3 datacenters in real-time
  • Akismet is now served from 2 datacenters

Here are a couple pictures of some new hardware racked and powered on just before we put it into production last week.

From top to bottom (left):

  • 21 x HP DL145
  • 4 x HP DL365

From top to bottom (right):

  • 18 x HP DL145
  • 4 x HP DL365
  • 1 x 3U HP Storage Array
  • 1 x HP DL385


And the back….


Thanks to Evan League and Brian Maples of Layered Tech for doing the build-out pictured above and sending the photos over.

109 responses to “Additional Capacity”

  1. I am speachless… You guys rock
    Lazo Von Vukovaren

  2. It would be inappropriate to say that I am mildly aroused.

  3. Because eteraz is immoderate about everything, of course. Tell me, can these new servers sing “Daisy, Daisy?”

  4. I like the idea of my blog being hosted on a black box with a bright blue light. Does it go ping, by any chance?

  5. @eteraz

    nope, it only shows that you are quite normal (according to todays standards 😉

  6. Abso-fucking-lutely cool. Way to go guys…

  7. I’m jealous.

  8. I wonder which magic box contains my blog?

  9. Did you do your own cable management? It looks great!

  10. I just cannot believe how clean the cabling looks!

    Good job though. And I suppose that some of the mishaps of the past few weeks will be a thing of the past, now that this is in place.


  11. Hm, so that’s why I found that WP was faster, since some time ago!

  12. Remarkable machines you have there. Great job folks.

  13. Waauw… that’s amazing! 😉

  14. nice cabinet. all pretty and organized

  15. What’s up with moving to Texas? Cheaper power?

  16. That’ll make wordpress run better than before!

  17. Wow! That costs a fortune! Who does actually pay for all this stuff, the power and you guys working for

  18. Very nice, keep up the good work !

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  20. Why do you have all the UID lights on?

  21. Because it looked better for the picture?

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  23. Sweet… I love hardware… nice blue and yellow color combo. Well done.

  24. Waow ! Awesome, great work guys 🙂

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  26. 🙂 Lots of long nights 🙂

  27. Amazing. I’m drooling… I’m such a geek.

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  29. Does this new stuff aid in time travel? Looks like it should.

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  31. I feel special.

  32. That cabling looks like a close up of a fabric’s weave. Very nice.

  33. bueno.!

  34. Wow, you’re like, 60 wide on the web tier (if those are all web servers…) I like the 1U thin servers, cheaper and smaller footprint. It’s nice to know that you are architected nice and wide for redunancy and it’s cool that you show us. Most companies are paranoid enough that they would keep these images under wraps. Here’s to WordPress, an extraordinary free service – Cheers.

  35. Nice blue led, remind me, my blog is one of them 🙂

  36. nice setup … do you run a free operating system or what ?

  37. nice! congrtaulations!

  38. Awesome! Have fun with those. 😉

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  40. wonderfully well

  41. Nice… it’s seriously nice.

  42. Thank you for existing.

  43. Awesome! Thank you! -Ian

  44. Awesome! You are the best. I love WP!

  45. kewl guys … am hooked to wordpress 🙂

  46. superb.. Nice hardware and thanx again for creating WP.

  47. Given the density perhaps Blade Systems will be a good alternative. It’s nice to see pictures like these 🙂

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  49. Very WordPress here 😕

  50. Look like Human Body Energy system… it is nice

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  52. Sesenta y un comentarios de agradecimiento, 61, 62…

  53. my god it’s porn for geeks. those are sweet, thanks for thinking of us that like to see such things 🙂

  54. Does this mean that love must not die?
    My humble thanks.

  55. oh, they look cool 🙂

  56. Yeah, they’re ok – but EVERYONE knows the really good servers have a sign on top that says “Def Con 3” on it with a spinning amber fuzz light…and lazers, don’t forget the lazers…

  57. I meant to say WordPress rocks.

  58. I wonder which box(es) my virtual collection is living on?

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  60. Do you think it’s capable of running Word? Surely not!

  61. Awesome, makes me feel more powerful. Thanks guys for managing very well.

  62. Impressive hardware, nice cabling. You guys are sure doing a great job.

  63. Like Majic, I envy your cable management.

  64. Great! Thanx for making this possible!

  65. Ultimately, the goal is to produce a final product from the ground up that I myself would be envious of owning. Build, cable, and rack every server just as you would if it was your own. With that mind set no details will go overlooked… Thanks!! Glad everyone likes it… 🙂

  66. Great work! You rock!

  67. Peace people

    We love you

  68. Awesome! Very well done to you and your team!

  69. Proud to be a member of WordPress family

  70. Awesome 😉

  71. Kinda reminds me of tract housing.

  72. it looks like some sort of alien apartments to me… but holy crap is it sweet. Thanks for all you do

  73. ceao

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  75. Wicked cool but… Where the f** do you get all the money needed ? The VIP hosting program pays for this ? Did I miss any VC fund ? I’m just curious & confused 🙂

  76. Just a kid in a candy store aren’t you Barry 😉


  77. 🙂 i love those servers

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  79. Just a kid in a candy store aren’t you Barry 🙂

  80. Congraulations. You should plant some trees to cancel out the extra heat you’re generating though. 🙂

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  83. […] like snow in Houston, the flakes won’t stay long on the ground, I think because our servers tend to be a little hot. […]

  84. It’s great, more power.

  85. Thanks for keeping the words pressed.

  86. The images are gone. Please bring them back.

  87. I see the images…

  88. i kinda miss getting to look at this setup :-/

  89. You should Evan 🙂

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