Additional Capacity

So, I haven’t blogged much lately but there is a reason. Over the past month we have been hard at work expanding the infrastructure behind and Akismet. Here are some of the things that we have done over the past month or so:

  • Migrated out of San Diego
  • Brought online almost 100 new servers in 3 new datacenters — Dallas, TX, San Antonio, TX, and San Francisco, CA
  • Tripled the database hardware behind
  • Now serving blogs out of 3 datacenters in real-time
  • Akismet is now served from 2 datacenters

Here are a couple pictures of some new hardware racked and powered on just before we put it into production last week.

From top to bottom (left):

  • 21 x HP DL145
  • 4 x HP DL365

From top to bottom (right):

  • 18 x HP DL145
  • 4 x HP DL365
  • 1 x 3U HP Storage Array
  • 1 x HP DL385


And the back….


Thanks to Evan League and Brian Maples of Layered Tech for doing the build-out pictured above and sending the photos over.

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