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Batcache 1.2

10 Dec

Batcache version 1.2 was released today. It fixes a fun bug that could cause incorrect cached content to be returned in some cases. The default Batcache key has been updated to include $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] which means when you upgrade, all of your keys will be immediately invalidated. For most folks using a short TTL this won’t matter. It’s a good idea to upgrade. Download version 1.2 today!

Speaking about WordPress Security in Houston

28 Jan

UPDATE: Slides have been posted on SlideShare.

I am going to be giving a talk about WordPress Security at next month’s Houston WordPress Meetup. If you are around Houston on February 8th, come by and say hi howdy.

Wii be foolish

9 Jan

During my trip to Texas I drove up to Austin and spent the day hanging out with Andy. The pretense was work, but this is what we actually did.

Andy did an awesome job making the video by the way.

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