Super Speedy Internet

Sometime in the last hour, my Comcast cable connection seems to have received a speed boost. Here are the results from Speakeasy’s speed test using the San Francisco, CA server (I am also in San Francisco)


Now, I am not sure what types of download speeds I was getting before, but I am pretty sure they were no where close to 15Mbit/sec. My best guess is that last time I tested my connection speed it was in the 4Mbit/sec range. Not sure if this is part of something that was announced, if it is Comcast’s Holiday gift to us, or if it just a temporary glitch in the matrix, but I guess I should enjoy it while I can. And yes, the upload speeds are still slow….maybe those will get bumped next.

7 responses to “Super Speedy Internet”

  1. Looks like a ϗ-mas/חנוכה gift (« just testing to see how handles Greek and Hebrew 😉 ). I just busted a 13913Mbps test. My upload is the same… hovering around 350kbps. And IIRC, it was 5Mbps downstream before (on a good day).

  2. I just got 689 / 233 🙂

  3. Hi Barry!

    Look at Verizon FIOS to understand your new matched speed.

  4. This was also announced today:

    “The merger creates a behemoth that will have a market capitalization of more than $220 billion — more than twice that of nearest rival Verizon Communications Inc. — and will serve 67.5 million local-phone customers in 22 states, as well as 11.5 million broadband users.

    Having completed the deal, AT&T plans to roll out its Internet video service aggressively in former BellSouth territory, the southeastern U.S., reaching 1.5 million homes by the end of next year. So far, AT&T has launched the service in 11 markets, including Houston and Indianapolis. It plans to reach 19 million homes in its own 13-state region, mainly in the central and southwestern U.S., by the end of 2008.”

    This is all very good for us! We’ll only get stronger. Faster! BETTER!

  5. Bah. My budget priced DSL still has more than 2x the upload speed.

    Still, I wouldn’t mind 10+ MBit downloads

  6. Mine is 690/612. Testing from Singapore though 😛

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