BBQ and free wifi

rudys_sign.jpgDuring my trip to Texas last week, I discovered that the Rudy’s BBQ in New Braunfels has free wifi! BBQ and free Internet access — doesn’t get much better than that. Needless to say, I made multiple trips to Rudy’s during my visit.

When I am not in Texas, I get my fill of BBQ and free wifi at Memphis Minnie’s. If you’re ever in San Francisco, you should check it out.

Photo by: Andrew Timm

3 responses to “BBQ and free wifi”

  1. Until we get kicked out of Memphis Minnie’s.

  2. Matt Harrington Avatar

    Good to meet you at the Meetup last night. I’ve spent some time in San Antonio myself. My parents used to live in Boerne and we’d hit the Rudy’s there all the time. Here’s a new bbq place in SF: I haven’t made up my mind yet about their sauce so I bring a bottle of the Salt Lick’s with me from home. They sell Shiner Bock. It’s pretty similar to Memphis Minnie’s, but the parking is easier.

  3. hi im just back from a two week trip to texas and had some of the best bbq food i have ever had..its something you have totast to belive ..well for us over here in the uk it is..

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