David Newman Scale Conf

10 Oct

Earlier this year, my colleague David Newman gave a great talk about the systems that power WordPress.com and our container-based VIP platform at ScaleConf in Cape Town, South Africa.


Netflow and Logstash

8 Feb

Today, one of our network engineers, Chris Laffin, published a great post on the WordPress.com Developer Blog about how we use open source tools to analyze netflow data for our ever-growing global anycast network.

dotScale 2013 MySQL Talk

2 Sep

In June, I gave a talk at the dotScale conference in Paris about WordPress.com’s MySQL database architecture and infrastructure. The video is now online:


16 Mar

This week we started testing our global anycast network. We have a real-time map which shows which people are served by each location. Today we have three locations online, we hope to have 10-12 by the end of the year.


The Internet is definitely not a big truck

Batcache 1.2

10 Dec

Batcache version 1.2 was released today. It fixes a fun bug that could cause incorrect cached content to be returned in some cases. The default Batcache key has been updated to include $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] which means when you upgrade, all of your keys will be immediately invalidated. For most folks using a short TTL this won’t matter. It’s a good idea to upgrade. Download version 1.2 today!

Formula 1 Tickets

23 Oct

See you in Austin!

Nginx Case Study

2 Oct

A case study I worked on with Andrew Alexeev at Nginx was republished on High Scalability.  The Hacker News thread has some good conversation as well.

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